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      1995               BFA Jewelry and Metalsmithing

                             University of Houston

                             Houston, Texas

      1990               AAA Interior Design

                             Houston Community College

                             Houston, Texas

Professional Experience

      2012 - pres.   Instructor, Jewelry & Metalsmithing

                             Flux & Fire Studios

                             Katy, Texas

      2009 – 2012   Adjunct Professor, Jewelry & Metalsmithing

                             Edison State College

                             Fort Myers, Florida


      2006 – 2011   Jewelry Instructor for At-Risk Children

                             United Arts Council

                             Naples, Florida

      2005 - 2011    Instructor, Jewelry & Metalsmithing

                             Alliance for the Arts

                             Fort Myers, Florida

      2005 - 2011    Instructor, Jewelry & Metalsmithing

                             Cape Coral Arts Studio

                             Cape Coral, Florida


      2003 - 2011    Instructor, Jewelry & Metalsmithing

                             BIG Arts

                             Sanibel Island, Florida

      2000 - 2006    Interior Designer

                             Gary David Designs

                             Bonita Springs, Florida


      2017-2020     Houston Metal Arts Guild

                            Board of Directors 

                            Charter Member

      2002-2007     Florida Society of Goldsmiths

                            SW Chapter Vice President & Secretary

      1995-pres.    Society of North American Goldsmiths

Gallery Representation

       2018-pres.   Better Bling Studio, Stafford, TX

                            Sugar Land Art Center, Sugar Land, TX


Awards and Publications

      2006              1st & 2nd Place Jewelry, "Ring of Fire,” SW                                        Chapter Florida Society of Goldsmiths

                            1st & 2nd Place Sculpture, "Ring of Fire,” SW

                            Chapter Florida Society of Goldsmiths

      2005             2nd Place Jewelry, SW Chapter Florida Society

                            of Goldsmiths  

      2004             2nd Place Story Telling Bracelet, SW Chapter

                            Florida Society of Goldsmiths

      1997              Art Papers, Vol. 22, Issue I, "Chick Art,"

                            Gambit Weekly, Sept. 22, 1997, "No Strings


      1994              Selected Entry:  National Student Sterling Design

                            Competition, Coeur d'Alene Mines Corporation

      1994              2nd Place:  Spring Arts Exhibition, Writers and

                            Artists' Group, University of Houston

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